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ARPort SafetyVR

Photo by Ivan Henao on Unsplash

  • You take all measures to assess risks, document them  and updates?

  • But the staff does not always comply  safety instructions, does not always respond to warnings, and does not always maintain common sense when performing hazardous work?

  • There is ALWAYS a risk of accidents on site


In the event of an accident, even if all instructions for the organization of work are observed, managers  the company will have to undergo a thorough review of the commission  for the investigation of incidents with the participation of Rostekhnadzor and the prosecutor's office

Statistics of the causes of injuries at work in Russia according to the Ministry of Labor:
% - dangerous actions of personnel

22.7% - dangerous working conditions

9.6% -  force majeure, etc.

  • Recurring actions  with equipment and tools  erase the effect of novelty and dull a person's sense of danger

  • Minor violations  rules and regulations on labor safety form the habit  to the dangers  and breaking the rules

  • The effect of unpunished violations inspires and leads to a reassessment of one's own strengths and capabilities, arrogance

  • Stress, fatigue, haste, combined with the above causes, creates a resonance effect and the likelihood of an accident increases by an order of magnitude.



Many years of experience of occupational safety experts in various enterprises associated with hazardous production has allowed ARPort to develop an innovative methodology to reduce injuries associated with the human factor. The technique is based on the development of the skill of reflex safety and the improvement of the safety culture.

Required to develop a skill

  • imitation of dangerous actions in conditions as close as possible to real ones

  • reproduction of the consequences of wrong actions that you can really feel "on yourself"

  • imitation of stress, haste, fatigue in order for the employee to realize how great the impact of these factors on safety

How can all this be implemented without risk to life and health?

We propose to defeat the "psychological factor" by training in virtual reality

workshops-trainings  give the opportunity:

  • plausibly imitate  processes for performing hazardous work and actions in case of emergency situations

  • feel the consequences for life and health in violation of the rules. Having learned from their mistakes, people act more consciously and carefully. For example, a “fall” from a height is quite realistic  in VR

  • feel the impact of stress, haste and fatigue on the performance of operations. Understand that even knowing all the rules and trying to follow them, you can make a mistake being in one of these states

  • ensure maximum concentration on learning - the field of vision and hearing is limited by glasses, no distractions to foreign objects!

As a result:

  • Developing skills to act appropriately in stressful situations

  • employee is vaccinated  from wrong actions

  • produced  skill of reflex and conscious  security,

  • an objective test of the knowledge and skills of the staff is carried out.


ARPort SafetyVR Kit  for training in production skills and safe performance of work in virtual reality based on  HTC Vive Focus . Provides free movement in space and tactile feedback.


Workshops available by topic

production zones:


The number of workshops and their topics are constantly expanding.


The ARPort SafetyVR package includes  into yourself:

  • VR helmet HTC Vive Focus -1pc.

  • VR object controllers - 2 pcs.

  • Tablet for remote management and control of workshops

  • Software for conducting VR workshops

  • Software for remote management and control of workshops from a tablet or smartphone

The use of the kit is subject to the following conditions:

  • purchases,

  • rent.

The system is ready to use and does not require additional settings. Our experts will train your employees to use the system on site

Workshops can be quickly adapted to the premises and the specifics of the customer, taking into account the real production environment and possible emergencies at a particular enterprise.  


The system requires at least

2x2 m free space

Management and control software allows you to see the training “through the eyes of an employee” or from the outside, evaluate  the effectiveness of its passage, as well as "add" stress factors to the training. Installed on a stationary  a computer  or mobile device.


The duration of one workshop on a specific topic is 10-20 minutes per person for the initial passage and 5-10 minutes for repeated training

The initial workshop for each trainee consists of four stages

Stage 1.  Education. The listener gets acquainted with the virtual reality control system, masters controllers and movement in space.

Stage 2.  Theory and practical task. The listener of the sequence performs tasks that simulate actions in a dangerous zone on the topic of the workshop, following the instructions and prompts of the system.

Stage 4. Control task under the influence of stress. Same as item 3, but with a stricter time limit. Additionally, the listener is given distractions  questions that he must answer without violating the rules for performing work. Performing a task in this mode, the student is convinced that being in a state of stress and haste, it is almost impossible to safely complete the work, even knowing the rules and norms of safe behavior and trying to follow them.

Stage 3. Control task. The trainee temporarily performs exercises that simulate actions in a dangerous area on the topic of the workshop, receiving points for each task. Based on the results, the total score for the training is displayed.

When re-passing the workshop, as a rule, you can limit yourself to stages 3 and 4.

During the workshop, a high degree of realism of the simulation is provided with the ability to move the trainee around the room and free hand movements.  In case of erroneous actions, the listener receives a negative emotional impact from simulating a fall, suffocation or electric shock and demonstrating the consequences of an error.

Online versions of programs are used for remote theoretical training of personnel  learning. Demo version of the on-line workshop First aid for victims of high voltage



Dmitruk Vitaly, 30+ years of experience  in the field of environmental and industrial safety, labor protection and personnel health.

Leading  auditor and teacher of the British Standards Institute (BSI) on quality management systems, industrial safety systems and personnel health (Lead Auditor / Lead Tutor: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001) in the oil industry,  gas,  petrochemical, metallurgical,  mining, construction and other industries.

Shumnov Alexey, 20+ years of experience in application development,  games and educational programs with elements of gamification  for PC and mobile devices.

Platform Implementation Lead  ARPort Training for trainings  in virtual reality on industrial safety and  Lifeaddwiser service - a comprehensive assessment and adjustment of the quality of life of company employees: health, finance, career and  social welfare.


You can use the ready-made ARPort SafetyVR kit or order the development of trainings based on our platform for your needs. As a result of the introduction of programs for developing skills in VR: ​

  • The quality and speed of work increases - the staff receives the skills of carrying out work, brought to automatism

  • The safety culture is improving - the risks of injuries at the enterprise are reduced - the staff acquires reflex skills to comply with safety rules

  • The time and costs for training new employees are reduced - training can be carried out directly at the workplace, including without the participation of a teacher

  • Designers have the opportunity to evaluate and adjust the planned objects by performing work on a copy of the object in virtual reality (digital twin)


The introduction of advanced innovations is always an informational occasion for the media, which means that potential customers will learn about your company!

You can use the trainings developed for your order for career guidance and at exhibitions.

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